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Stok Guru Tse-Chu

Ladakh festivals in February 2016; dance to celebrate life

The land of landscapes has a rich cultural heritage. Majority of people travel Ladakh for just its pristine beauty it exudes through landscapes and lakes it preserves behind crests of the snow-capped mountains ranges of the Himalayas, but culture and food are some other hidden treasures one discovers as soon as he/she steps on this cold desert. People are genuinely good and welcoming. But this doesn’t you should take their friendless for granted. One should not forget the fact that love and hatred can coexist, so if you tend to offend them by any chance, then fury of local people would burn you down to ashes.

However hate is the last thing that comes to one’s mind while talking Ladakh. Rationale behind this notion is beautiful lakes, picturesque landscapes, vibrant colors and vibrations of chants and drums touching our ears and elevating our souls to a new level. Ladakh, where people are Buddhist have so much to offer as hosts to its guests in terms of culture and festivities that you feel like natives of this land and idea of leaving this land starts haunting you. Another reason this land of snow-capped mountains and lakes would make you feel your second home is festivals this regions celebrates with music, dance, feasting, colorful costumes and fun. So come lose yourself to this beautiful land and be part of these festivals Ladakhis will celebrate in coming in the month of February.



Venue: Leh Palace  |  Date: February 6-7, 2016

Dosmoche Festival

Dosmoche is one of the most popular festivals in Leh-Ladakh celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil forces. Prayers are offered to get rid of bad omens.


Yargon Tungshak Festival

Venue: Nubra   |  Date:  February 12-13, 2016

Yargon Tungshak Festival

The main attraction of the festival is chham dance where dancers wear colorful costumes and perform slow and captivating dance moves in the courtyard of monastery. Apart from local people, lamas also play an active role in the festival. And, you get a chance to treat your taste buds with traditional food like skyu, gurgur cha and thukpa.


Stok Guru Tse-Chu

Venue: Stok Monastery  |  Date: February 16-17, 2016

Stok Guru Tse-Chu

Stok Guru Tsechu is yet another famous festival celebrated with great pomp and show in Ladakh. It falls every year in the month of February. This festival is one of the most famous fairs and festivals in entire J&K and is celebrated in high spirits across the region. Just like other festivals in Ladakh, this one also has the greatness and charm of dance in traditional colorful attire intact. The monastic dance is performed in the courtyard of the Stok monastery.  The main attraction of the festival is predictions made by two royal oracles about the future of the region and the people.

Another most common practice in all festivals is chanting of Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras. Chants of pure words create such a positive and peaceful aura that you don’t feel like leaving this place. So, if you want to have this once-is-a-lifetime experience, you have more than a month’s time left to plan out your cultural trip to the land of lamas and enjoy these spiritual festivities of the cold desert for full two weeks back-to-back. Try and confirm your stay and travel tickets well in advance in order to avoid last minute hiccups. If you are stuck, we are always there to help you in the quandary.

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